Friday, 1 January 2010


it's a monumental day, the very first blog from Cat at Art.Works, and, too be honest, I find it a bit scary, once I click 'publish post' it's here, on line forever! It'll be like an English essay littered with superlatives, but I'll try and get it right.

We at Art.Works have been busy beavering away, facilitating exiting projects in schools, with local services and even finding time to create are own little masterpieces.

We're just wrapping up our first special needs room renovation at St Mary's RC Primary, Oldham. With the help of kids in every key stage we've transformed a dull store room into a tactile learning space and can't wait to put the final touches to the room.

So get that paint brush out, give your primary colours a squirt and join in our colourful adventures here with Art.Works