Thursday, 18 November 2010

Unleash Your Inner Child

Recently I’ve had many questions regarding my illustration; do you sell your
pictures? (Oh, yes!) Do you do commissions? (Oh yes!) Is the picture of the
monster actually a self portrait! (hell, no!).

So in a change to the regular blog format, charting what Art.Works has been
up to over the last couple of weeks (running family fun days, continuing the
residency and securing funding for a new mosaic project since you ask) I
thought I’d give you a couple of illustrations to print off and enjoy.

Now remember, colouring ain’t no child’s play, it takes a keen eye and diligent
mind to keep the colour chart flowing. Go on, I dare you, drag out the rusty tin
of crayons that’s gathering dust on the book shelf or swirl some primary colours
across an old plate. Mix and match media; paint, cut, crayon and create!

The nights have well and truly drawn in, so there’s every reason to add a little
colour to these dismal grey days. Send a picture of your finished masterpieces
into Art.Works, either via email: or post them up on
the Facebook page: and if you’re incredibly
imaginative I bet you could colour in front of X Factor...

Mummies and Pharohs

Family Tree Pictures

Scary Monster