Sunday, 30 January 2011

Starting the Year with a Bang!

And a crash, and a whollop! Yes, all those who are keen followers of the blog will know I’m talking about mosaic making, full steam ahead!

It’s been over a year in the planning, but thanks to the dogged determination of Friends of Littleborough station’s (FOLS) Stuart Carmichael, the biggest mosaic to date is making all the right  noises along the Calder Line.

Back in 2009 FOLS approached Art.Works to make a mosaic, brightening up the platform for Littleborough’s train travellers.  Together we approached various funding bodies, and thanks to Stuart’s persuasive persistence funding came through thanks to the Yorkshire bank, STEAM and the Pennines Township.  Then the fun could really begin.

During the Autumn term local schools and community groups scribbled down their Milltown memories, all hoping to be included in the mosaic’s final design.  From canal barges chugging along the Rochdale canal to Sladen mill, one of the final factories of LIttleborough.  From quaking ducks to the village’s viaduct arches, the budding artist were keen no local landmarks would be left on the slag heap.  And the result?  It’s chugging along nicely thank you very much.

During January pupils from Alice Ingham, Holy Trinity and St Andrew’s Primary Schools have crashed and smashed tiles, they’ve meticulously fitted them together again to create a beautiful platform picture.  Their carefully produced masterpiece is guaranteed to  cheer any  bleary eyed Monday morning commuters.
But it’s not over yet!  

Art.Works is pleased to be running the final mosaic making session over half term with people just like you!  Art.Works and FOLS want locals to come together and make their mark.  

We will be running a community mosaic making session on Monday 21st February from 10am at St Andrew’s Church Hall,. Arm Road, Dearnley OL15 8NJ.  So why not come along to set your tile, make sure that next time the train’s delayed you’ll be proudly standing on the platform admiring your perfect picture.

For more information about the mosaic making session on Monday  21st February contact Cat Jessop:
Mobile: 07816168981