Wednesday, 3 February 2010

lighthouses, lunches and a lot of!

Another first from Art.Works! Because we're just big kids that can't grow up we've decided to launch a book week extravaganza! Excited? you should be!

We're celebrating world book day (4th March) in style. think big, big butties, big seagulls, big characters. What am I talking about? why 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' of course!

Fresh off the press Art.Works has created a fun filled day to explore the themes of this classic children's tale. What did Mr Grinling do at the Lighthouse all day? How do you deter a screeching seagull? Is Hamish a courageous kitten or a real scaredy cat?

Through role play, mosaic making and a little bit of printing too pupils in and around Rochdale will be taking part in the most animated book day this side of the book's deep blue sea (at least I hope so...)

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