Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Celebrating Book Week With Bowlee Primary

What do you get if you mix 60 place mats, 60 felt picnic lunches, 60 cat masks, 10 table clothes and 60 T-shirts? a very big lunch of course! and that's exactly what Browlee Primary created last week during National children's Book Week.

Kicking off with an interactive performance of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch', there was no shortage of pupils willing take centre stage and become characters from the tale. From the industrious Mr Grinling, polishing his lamp and sweeping the deck, to Mrs Grinling, the most dextrous baker near the seven seas, pupils lit up the story with their animated acting skills. But let's not forget those pesky seagulls, what, you might ask, does a hall full of pupils screeching like seagulls sound like? music to my ears of course!

Pupils then sprung into action taking part in drama games and arts activities with Art.Works. On Monday Reception children painted the bobbly side of the broccoli to create inspired place mats. Year one were transformed from kids to kittens creating funky cat masks to prowl around the school in. We created some scrummy picnics with year two, crisps, cakes and sumptuous chocolate bars, unfortunately they were carved from felt, not too tasty then!

Key stage two pupils shone brightly as they continued to make and create on the theme of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch on Friday. Year three's wonderfully wooly 3-D fruits looked good enough to eat. year four printed the perfect picnic blankets to display Monday's felt foods on. They designed their printing block, cut their stamp and formulated a pattern, what a gifted and inventive bunch!

And it seems Brimrod Primary might just be harbouring Britain's fashion designers of the future. Year 5 swapped the studio for a sweatshop as they designed and printed nearly 60 T-shirts illustrating key characters from the lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.

What productive pupils, what cheerful staff and, of course, what an amazing adventure. Art.Works couldn't be happier after celebrating Book Week with Brimrod , so thanks to all who took part, and remember, next time you hear a seagull, just whip out the mustard...

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