Thursday, 3 March 2011

Have a Hammer over Half Term

So, half term, a time for sitting back, reflecting, watching the rain drum against the window pane?  Excuse me!  I don’t think so, and nor do the participants in Art.Works half term fun packed arts sessions either I’ll have you know!

I’m pleased to announce last Monday saw the members of St Andrew’s Parish, Dearnly brave the weather and come crashing into the church corridors, quite literally!  Over 30 members took part in a mass mosaic making workshop.  While some may think the church is a place for quiet contemplation and solitude the parishioners made the walls reverberate with their laughter, their industrious tile cutting and constant tea and coffee supplying.  Where else could you find a sixty year old grandmother brandishing a hammer (and safety spectacles I might add) on one side of the room, and a teenage Grandchild dutifully brewing up on the other?

We had an amazing amount of fun, as young guided the old and old chastised the older in a bid to create one cracking mosaic.  We may not have finished the board quite yet, but I for one am looking forward to another session, safe in the knowledge that I’ll receive a delicious slice of homemade cake to keep the energetic activity, and enjoyable chitter chatter,  flowing.
And that’s not all!  Thursday saw the creation of over 25 hand printed bags and T shirts as Art.Works delivered a printing workshop for Woodland’s Primary Half term activity programme.  It didn’t take long for the inventive youngsters to scribble down their ideas to create some sensation prints.

From t shirts splashed with puppy dog paws to bags which flaunted oceanic scenes in the sea, children created a great diversity of designs that would make even the buyers of Topshop squirm with envy! 

So, all this, and drawing up the designs for six lectern silk paintings recently commission for Art.Works, half term may not be a holiday, but for Art.Works it’s always brimming with fun!


  1. What a fantastic time you've all had - sounds brilliant fun - I love the descriptions of the fun at St Andrews - especially the home made lemon cake - T

  2. thanks Trish, it was certainly an experience!