Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Six Splendid Silks

Splendid! Surely it’s the only way to describe such a sensation week at Holy Trinity Primary School in Littleborough. Nowhere else would you see such super children, such dedicated designers, such enthusiastic artists, such a happy facilitator.

As the sky finally allowed the sun to break through, and bright daffodils crept through thawing ground, I walked to work with a spring in my step, creating six splendid silks with the eager pupils. Having drawn up their designs over half term I enjoyed working with children across the school to create silks which shine brightly with creative care and attention.

Before half term pupils of Holy Trinity designed the beautiful silk banners to illustrate each season of the church’s calendar. From Advent to the Epiphany, Lent to Easter each season was brought to life through the pupils’ animated designs.

Over three days the pupils selected gracious shades to sweep across the silk learning how to blend, mix and merge inks across the delicate silks. Only such avid care and attention could result in such truly inspiring banners which illustrate the liturgical calendar.

Kean to enhance the intricate banners I then enjoyed sewing the silks onto backing material ready to hang in time for the next church celebration, Lent.

And the only downside of the project? Handing back the beautiful banners to the school! Thanks to all the gifted children who took part, their church service will shine all year round.

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  1. wow these look amazing! ...and its wonderful that the children can be involved in creating such beautiful pieces of art for something that they will see year after year at their special celebrations...a creative feast..x.